Clairette de Die

Éclosion de saveurs


Map of the wine growing area

Almost 1,500 hecatres of vines

Located at the foot of the Vercors, the Diois vineyards extend over a total area of some thirty kilometres, delimited by the communes of Aouste-sur-Sye to the west, and Châtillon-en-Diois to the east.  The very heart of the vineyard is the combe de Vercheny, although the biggest cellar, Jaillance, which groups together around two hundred and fifty producers, is located in Die.   

Cellars and villages
If you come from the direction of Valence, the first commune in which you can sample Clairette will be Suze-sur-Crest. There, on the slopes, the vines are sheltered from the morning frosts.  Head back onto departmental route 93, and you will find numerous cellars in the villages of Saillans, Vercheny, Aurel, Pontaix, Sainte-Croix, and Ponet-et-Saint-Auban, before finally arriving in Die. If you then continue in the direction of Haut-Diois, taking departmental route 539, you will discover that the AOC also extends to the communes of Saint-Roman-en-Diois and then to Châtillon-en-Diois.