Clairette de Die

Éclosion de saveurs


Dishes accompanied by Clairette de Die

Aperitif & dessert

For dessert, why not think about a fruit salad with peaches, apricots, pink grapefruit, mango, and pineapple…  With its taste of crisp, crunchy fruits, Clairette de Die Tradition is the perfect accompaniment.  And it goes equally well with an apple, pear, or strawberry tart or charlotte.  And if you haven’t got any fruit left in the house to make your salad, then a sorbet is the ideal light touch to finish your meal.  The sweet taste of the muscat grape that makes up at least 75% of the Clairette de Die Tradition perfectly accentuates the fruity flavours of the sorbet.

Festive fare
At Christmas, we really go to town on the meals: if your taste buds are partial to exotic foods, then the fruity flavours and floral aromas of Clairette de Die combine perfectly with a scallop and mango salad.            

Gourmet snacks
When you visit the Drôme, remember to take a bottle of Clairette de Die back home with you along with the other local specialities in order to organise a tasty feast with friends.  Here in the Drôme, we like to drink this sparkling wine with three types of biscuits. The "croquette" is a small biscuit with almonds, while the "suisse de Valence" is shaped like a little Saint-Nicolas figure from Alsace, and contains preserved orange peel.  If you prefer moist brioche to dry biscuits, the "pogne", a leavened brioche crown flavoured with orange blossom and lemon, goes perfectly with Clairette.