Clairette de Die

Éclosion de saveurs


Soil and vine care

Chalky argilliferous soil

The Diois vineyard is one of the highest in France.  It rises to an altitude of seven hundred metres, which makes life hard for the workers, who are nonetheless accustomed to the tough mountain climate.  They planted their vines at the very foot of the Vercors in order to protect them from the winter frosts.  We are located in the south, however, and the hot Mediterranean summers provide the muscat grapes with all the sunshine they need in order to gorge themselves with sugar. Despite this, winemaking would be impossible without the chalky argilliferous soils of the region, which retain rainwater and nourish the vines even during the very driest of seasons. 

Constant vigilance
There are no improper treatments in the Diois. The union of wine producers of the Clairette de Die region monitors the risk of diseases and regularly circulates agricultural news and warnings throughout the entire period during which the vines are growing, i.e. from April through to the end of September.  The producers can thus treat their vines if there is any danger.  The organic wine producers, on the other hand, use neither pesticides nor synthetic fertilisers.  Their vines are treated with either sulphur or copper salts.